Aug 12, 2007

My Kimono life dramatically began since I worked for Memoirs of a Geisha

Yes, that was the beginning of everything, to have my Kimono life.
Something dramatically changed my life....That was, the movie Memoirs of a Geisha.

I understand that many people, especially Japanese did not like this movie due to following reasons:

1. Main three characters are played by Chinese who do not deeply understand the Japanese tradition and culture
2. Errors in how they are dressed in Kimono
3. Errors in how they were behaving in Kimono
4. Errors in how they were dancing
5. Ringing the Shinto shrine bell at the offertory chest.

However, I am Japanese, and I liked the movie.
Yes, I did recognize many errors, but the most remarkable thing this movie achieved was, to introduce Japanese beauty to people around the world, and be recognized from the rest of the world. Memoirs of a Geisha did the stunning job for that, and I deeply appreciate it.

And most remarkably, this movie gave me a dramatic opportunity, when I worked as a background actress.
The dramatic opportunity was, to meet my Kimono teacher.

She was a Kimono consultant for Okaa-san, the mother of Okiya.
I saw this Japanese lady in Kimono, and by the time I realized, I was talking to her. I asked her business card, and the end of the day, she somehow found me out of 500 background players. Then she handed me her business card. I was amazingly blessed.

I was always interested in learning Kimono, so I began taking her classes in January of year 2005. And now, I am preparing for the exam to become an official Kimono consultant of All Japan Kimono Consultant Association.

During that time period, I began learning how to receive tea at the tea ceremony, Geisha /Classical Japanese dance, and Bingata/Katazome.
Also, most importantly I began making things from Kimono.

See, all Japanese cultures/traditions connect to each other.
Once you learn one thing, then it connects to the other things. Your curiosity spreads endlessly.

Thanks to Memoirs of a Geisha for giving me an opportunity to meet my Kimono teacher, and helped me evolving my life as Japanese.

This is the great story to share with everybody as my first blog entry.
And for my next blog entry, I will talk more about the backstage of Memoirs of a Geisha.